Stove sized pieces of pallet wood with a jigsaw

The Best Of Firewood

Most pallets are around 15kg and have an energy value of 60 kilowatts before burning.
Pallet wood is perfect for burning as it is usually already dried and every year in Ireland thousands of tons of wood from pallets and other forms of waste wood are expensively dumped into land fill. Sheer madness, companies have to pay to dispose of this wood which can make perfect fuel.
Go and see cool machines and companies in your local industrial estate and you will get van and trailer loads by the dozen. But these companies are looking for someone who will take this waste on a permanent regular basis so they can tell the waste management company not to come anymore. If you let them down they won’t bother with you again.

With Pallet Anywhere anyone can get a quote in seconds with just the post codes for collection and delivery. We provide step by step instructions on what they need to do and how to package an item on a pallet. The pallet delivery market has very slim margins and will will be offering very competitive rates to both one-off users and regular senders. To this extent, one of the first things you should look for when trying to choose a supplier is experience on the market. The longer they have been on the market, the more products they will be able to offer, not to mention that quality-wise you will have more chances of finding what you need. You can always count on an experienced supplier to offer precisely the heavy duty racks you were interested in. they may even be able to offer a bespoke solution, if you need something customised for your available space.

One morning or afternoon per week can net you more than a week supply of pallet/waste wood timber. Cut it up straight away when home into stove sized pieces with a best Jigsaw and store in your shed. Do not bother to de-nail the wood, just get one of those Ash Vacuums and suck out the ash and the nails from your stove before lighting again the next day. One pallet should easily supply you with enough fuel for one nights burning, so there is a good guide for the amount you need to collect, and the best thing is it can be burnt straight away. The best tip i can give is to cut it up straight away because if it rains then your pile of pallets will then have to be dried.

Any fallen branches/twigs if the right size can be used to light your fire and even fill your stove/boiler as they aren’t fussy on how big the wood is. If you have a lot of twigs then just bundle them up to the correct size and go round them once with a piece of sellotape (or stronger) to hold them together. . Because you need access to large quantities of products, you will need a machines, which is accessible with the help of a forklift, because the other solutions could be accessed only by hand.
If you take this wood without permission it is stealing, even though you may think the forestry doesn’t want the fallen timber it still belongs to them and its on their land. So make sure you get full permission before entering forestry land.