How to Maintain a Healthy, Flu-Free Home?

Before you shoot out for your 25th anniversary party supplies or to celebrate any other event to be hosted at your home, be sure that your home is flu-free. Like every other year, this year has been facing the bouts of flu too and as always, it is not a good report. The main problem with flu is its ability to spread. You can catch flu from anywhere like the air you breathe or the places you come in contact with. To fight the flu and keep it away from your home, you need to have a basic understanding regarding the science behind it. You may also Click here to buy codeine from NHS Heroes to prevent getting a flu.

How to disrupt flu propagation?

Humidity has been proven to reduce the levels of flu virus in the air. A team of scientists and researchers have found out that flu virus finds it hard to survive in humid environments. Researchers have found the adequate humidity levels to be 40 to 60 percent. Though the flu virus has the ability to survive in the air or surfaces for up to 24 hours, areas where humidity is high shown a lower life span of this virus. So, it is very important that you maintain appropriate levels of humidity in your home to ward off the flu virus.

Prevention is better than cure

In winters, humidity levels fall to as low as 20 percent and this gives flu an ideal condition to thrive. To maintain the right humidity, you must invest in a good humidifier. Combine a humidifier and a hygrometer for best results. While humidifiers help you in maintaining the desired humidity levels, hygrometers will let you know about the humidity levels at your home. These are easy to use, affordable and available at any medical store.

Tips and tricks –

  1. 1. If your child is sick, try keeping his toothbrush away from the toothbrush of the rest of the family members. You don’t want one person to spread the flu in the entire household. Also, replace your toothbrush regularly or soak in mouthwash every night to prevent flu epidemic in your house.
  2. 2. A cool mist humidifier will help soothe the cold symptoms. It is recommended to be used at night because it clear the nasal and throat passages and help in a comfortable sleep.
  3. 3. Neti pots, which have been used in India for a very long time, are found to be useful in clearing nasal congestions. They are used in yoga and help in loosening mucus. Babies can be given two to three drops of saline nasal drops for relief.

Prevention is always better than cure but if you cannot prevent flu, you must know how to fight it off. Flu is one of the most contagious diseases and makes life difficult because of the body aches and continuous cold it comes with.