Laser Teeth Whitening

Whether we admit it or not, appearances do play a large role in our daily lives especially if you are working where you are interacting with many people from all walks of life.
In fact, teeth whitening can be easily done in the comfort of your own home.
However, although some over the counter teeth whitening products does provide instant results, it too can disappear just as fast especially when not taken care of.
For those who want a more permanent result, we recommend that you go for laser teeth whitening.

What is Laser Teeth Whitening?
Also known as power whitening, teeth whitening Glasgow is a dental procedure in which a bleaching product is painted onto your teeth where then a laser beam is shined on your teeth to activate the chemical, and while others may see it as a fad, it is undoubtedly working.
Usually done in just over an hour. It’s that simple, however despite the popular belief that laser teeth whitening instantly whitens your teeth – it doesn’t.
Not all teeth are made equal, some are strong while some aren’t, now because of this, some may require several trips to their dentist so that they can achieve the whiteness they want.
coffee, cigarettes, and red wine stains may take awhile for some to be cleaned, especially if they consume these things heavily.

What Happens During the Treatment?
Now, unlike major dental treatments such as acquiring braces and getting surgery, teeth whitening isn’t that complex – you simply pay your dentist a visit in which he or she will have a look at your teeth and determine what is the best approach to whiten your teeth and how many sessions you will be undergoing.

What About After the Treatment?
Pay close attention to your dentist after the treatment.
Undergoing laser teeth whitening doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world for you, although you may be advised to avoid certain staining foods and beverages during the course of your treatment, you can always resume to eating and drinking such foods.
And although laser teeth whitening is permanent, you are still advised to visit your dentist often for follow up check ups, especially if you have experienced pain and discomfort afterwards, and maintain the cleanliness and whiteness of your teeth using over the counter products that can be done in your home or wherever you go.

Of course, the change doesn’t overnight so don’t be surprised if you don’t see much change in your teeth. Remember, although it’s high tech and all, laser teeth whitening isn’t magical.
You may need to go for several visits to your dentist or touch up at home after a week or two to maintain your dazzling, pearly whites.
Another thing to be mindful about laser teeth whitening is the price tag, now unlike your routine check ups, prophylaxis, or tooth extraction, laser teeth whitening can be quite expensive. Don’t be afraid to ask your dentist about how much he will be charging you for your treatment, if your insurance covers it, or if you can pay for it on an installment basis.