inflatable hot tub gazebo

Having an inflatable hot tub gives you tons of room for creativity and improvement, especially if you love creating things by yourself, and with so many options on what you can build in and around your inflatable hot tubs, one great example is having a gazebo for your personal hot tub.

What is a Gazebo?
A gazebo can be anything that will help protect you from the elements outside, it can be anything from a simple roof (usually made of stretched cloth or some heavy duty tarpaulin) supported by simple post, a modified tent, or a really detailed structure that’s fitted with electricity where you can string fairy lights or cover it with luxurious drapes.
A gazebo can do more than just protect you from heat, rain, and even snow. It can be also be your sacred space whenever you want to unwind and relax after an exhausting day in the office.

Of course, before buying a gazebo for yourself, know that cost is an important factor in buying a gazebo, some manufacturers may sell them separately.
But if you prefer to make one by yourself, it’s best that you know what and how much you will need for your materials.
Here are our top picks for our favorite gazebos that you can have easily installed over your inflatable hot tub at home:

Blue Ocean Spa Hot Tub Spa: £ 2999 ($3740), made from treated Northern European Redwood, and with a 10 year warranty, this gazebo is perfect for any home especially during summer and spring, the manufacturers can set it up for you or you may do it by yourself.

Gold Beach Spa Gazebo: For those who want a more cozy feel with their inflatable hot tub then this is perfect for you! Compared to other models, this is a more enclosed gazebo compared to the others thus it really shields you from the weather and you can have more of a sauna feel rather than that of a hot tub.

Baltic Spa Gazebo: £1,039.00 ($1296), if you have a really impressive garden and would like to have a more simple gazebo then this is the perfect one for you. It’s sleek and naturalistic design is pleasing to the eyes and offers a quiet escape from your busy life. You may even add in some lights and drapes on this gazebo for a more for you to be relaxed.

Bestway Lay-Z Spa Dome: £459.15, having an inflatable hot tub is really convenient, worry no more of the long drive or long lines to get to a spa and experience the same benefits in your own home. It’s not surprising for one of the top manufacturers of inflatable hot tubs to come up with their own gazebo. Like its hot tubs, this gazebo is also inflatable, meaning you can take it with you anywhere, simply set this gazebo up like a tent and inflate your hot tub inside then fill it with water.

Trellis Pergola Gazebo Tent: £1,130.00, if you prefer to keep things simple or perhaps you are not that much into designing or having extra features then this is the gazebo for you! It’s made of the highest quality materials and it can definitely shield you from the elements especially during windy days!
Gazebos will not only protect you from the weather but it will also act as a storage for your inflatable hot tub especially if you don’t like to store it away in your garage for easy usage, of course, you can customise your gazebo as much as you like such as adding extension outlets, speakers, a TV, or even a mini snack bar; just remember that you need to be knowledgeable in the materials you will be using and how you will put your DIY gazebo as to not bring harm upon yourself and others.