Great secretive intensive care you need to know

Be part of the hard-to-speak dialectical approach to help our women to flourish in their love affair.
Blemishes after acne or acne due to the wound on the face, knees, back, hands, feet cause one sister headache, deep bruises cause headache ten. Because of this, although this problem does not come out on the outside, it still makes the women hesitate with the person they love and are not confident with daily life.
On the other hand, open skin lesions are usually more effective than deep scarring. Because, this area is often weak, it is not possible to apply strong rubbing method because it is easy to injure.
For safe and effective deep vein secretion, you should visit and keep in mind the methods below and apply every day. Certainly will help you eliminate the self-deprecation and always sublimated in love feelings.

1. Virgin Coconut Oil
Pure coconut oil is indispensable in women’s beauty ingredients . However, using pure coconut oil to treat deep vein secret not all sisters know. Coconut oil was also used in making your hair shiny not only that, you can also use it to moisture your skin.
To apply this method, you only need to follow the following simple steps. First, take the pure coconut oil to palm. Then, gently apply to the skin, do not apply too deep inside.
There is a small note for you to clean before applying coconut oil. Apply 2 times daily in the morning and evening after only 5 days, the dark spots will be significantly improved.

2. Water filled rice
Many women have known the use of facial whitening of rice water. However, not much is known about the intensive use of deep water of rice. It is not only effective and safe, but it also helps deodorize and cleanse the rice. This process of putting water on the rice can take away the unwanted dirt on the face like pimple and tighten the skin to remove wrinkles and make your face looking younger.
The way to do it is simple, everyday, take the rice water has vo the second time. Then, put the rice water in a bowl, wait to settle down and the water above, take the essence below. Use rice water essence, evenly applied to the skin for 10-15 minutes. Sisters should remember to apply gently. Daily, the skin will be full, bright to see only after 7 days. Rice water is also one of the “herbs” to help women effectively, safely and inexpensively effective women.

3. Green tea
With the effect of bactericidal, deodorant and add the essence of intensive treatment, green tea is the “herbal pharmacy” to help her make this skin rhythm quickly. Drinking tea will detoxify the body and this will help you lose weight naturally for this can help you with food digestion. Most of the people use this for alternative way of losing weight.

Sisters when shopping just choose to buy the fresh tea leaves and clear origin, absolutely free of preservatives.
Sisters cooked fresh leaves and boil thoroughly for 3 minutes. Then, turn off the stove and let it cool down. Use green tea leaves wash about 5 – 7 minutes a day. The effect will be noticeable after 5 days when done continuously.
Green tea leaves not only help women have effective, safe, but effective treatment for deodorant, bactericidal and rejuvenation skin difficult to say.