All About Pole Dancing

Although pole dancing is often always associated with strippers and shady brothels, there is actually much more to pole dancing than just fancy heels and dollar bills, in fact, pole dancing isn’t just for dancing in a club or exotic dancers nowadays, and if you pay enough attention to pole dancing, you’ll see that the steps are naturally aerobic, meaning it can improve your overall health when done regularly thus making you shed weight in the process.

Pole dancing has been on the forefront of many exercise revolutions today which can also help boost the confidence of many women who take up pole dancing.
Some even consider it a sport where many people compete on who can perform the best tricks in the flashiest heels and costumes.
But what exactly is pole dancing?
What benefits does it have for you and your body?
Is it even legal to do?

All About Pole Dancing

Pole dancing is a form of exercise and dance that combines elements from dance and even acrobatics, it is also a form of aerobic and anaerobic exercise.
Despite the common notion that pole dancing only takes place in gentlemen’s and strip clubs, pole dancing has found its way out of neon-lighted clubs and into dedicated dance studios and gyms were both newbies and veterans can learn and perform together.

Although considered sensual and erotic by many, know that there is a non erotic form for pole dancing which can benefit those who’d like to train the use of the pole for the Olympics.
In fact, pole dancing is so diverse that it isn’t just limited to spins and walks, it can also be athletic wherein it includes dangling from the pole to putting your body upside down completely.
Unlike other exercises that only focus on one area, pole dancing tones and conditions almost every part of your body, not only that, pole dancing can also help boost your confidence and improve your posture over time.

Fun and Fitness in Pole Dancing?
Perhaps the most obvious reason why pole dancing is popular with many people is because it happens to be a really fun form of exercise that can benefit anyone regardless of their fitness level. Pole dancing can be a great alternative to those who want to spice up or change their grueling fitness into a more fun workout that they can do in the comfort of their own home.
Also because of its popularity, pole dancing is now considered a sport by some where they hold competitive and extravagant events where the participants vie to compete for the crown and for recognition in the community.
When you first start out, you will need to be able to buy your own dance pole, don’t worry as it’s very easy to get one for yourself, you can get one at almost all physical shops or have one delivered right on your doorstep by purchasing online.
You also need to know about wearing the right shoes and clothing, but you shouldn’t worry as there are plenty of material regarding pole dancing available on the internet.